2019 Porsche 911 (992) Unveiled

Like so many fast cars, it feels like ages since we first heard that this car was coming. And now it’s here. Porsche is starting with the S models, saying that they sell better. The new car looks terrific. If you just think it looks the same as the old car, you are partially wrong and you can skip to the next bit about the engines. As with the 991, the car is bigger in every direction. A new front crash structure is responsible for most of the 20mm increase…

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Porsche 911 GTS 997 Cars 

Know Your 911: Part 6

Six generations in and the 911 range got bigger and deeper. With variants galore to suit all tastes, from a sweet entry-level Carrera 2 to fire-breathing GT2 RS. The 997 arrived in a blaze. In 2004, Porsche was riding pretty high, backed by its ever-closer relationship with the Volkswagen Group. The aggro over the move away from water-cooling had long since been silenced and Porsche’s designer produced a cleaner, prettier car than the 996. A new approach to both ends of the car, while maintaining the instantly recognisable profile, created…

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964 911 Carrera 2/4 Cars 

Know Your 911: Part 3

The third 911 is known by the fans as the 964. At the time, Porsche said that 85% of the car was new despite having the same shell as the G Series with integrated plastic bumpers. Looking for the other parts? Click here! The 964 arrived under a cloud. In 1989 Porsche was in a fair bit of economic trouble (foreshadowing the near-flameout two decades later) and the 964 had to perform on the dealer floor. Yeah, it did pretty well. Nearly 100,000 over the five years it was on…

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1982 Porsche 911 Carrera S Coupe Cars 

Know Your 911: Part 2

Porsche’s second-generation of the decade-old 911 was really just a big facelift. Known as the G model, its growing popularity in the US and the big changes in the global market meant big changes for Porsche’s 2+2. Looking for the other parts? Click here The G-Series was half-rationalisation – you could only get the 2.7-litre flat-six from the start – and half regulatory. The US had brought in rules that fundamentally ruined the looks of a lot of cars, most famously the MGB. Most American cars were already too ugly to…

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1965 Porsche 911 Cars 

Know Your 911: Part 1

We’re counting down the 911s as launch day for the eighth-generation moves closer. Here we start with the original 911, released fifty-five years ago. Porsche intended the 356 successor to be called 901 but pesky old Peugeot got in the way. After some no doubt tense discussions – things are rather rosier between the two countries today – Porsche settled on 911. A hit in the US, the car quickly took hold. Porsche introduced a drop top and in response to US concerns about that style of car’s safety record,…

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911 GT3 RS Cars Fast Cars 

Porsche Amps Up The 911: The GT3 RS Is Here

Porsche’s brand new track weapon, the 911 GT3 RS is here and boy is it a machine. Naturally-aspirated, lighter and harder, the new RS is certain to keep tongues wagging for years to come. And after the GT3 and GT2 RS, it’s the third hardcore “road-approved” 911 in less than 12 months. 911 GT3 RS Based, obviously, on the 911 GT3, this bad boy is, predictably, rather more than a stickers-and-shocks pack. The 4.0-litre flat six smacks out 383kW (520PS) for a 0-100km/h time of 3.2 seconds before heading on…

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