Honda Civic Type R 2018 Cars 

2018 Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R is back. I mean properly back in its pre-millenial completely mad, in-your-face hot hatch form. Honda used to be cool. I’m talking 1990s Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna duking it out cool. NSX, S2000, Prelude, Civic VTi-R – Hondas were prominent in Gran Turismo and for good reason. VTEC was a towering technological achievement. You could get Hondas with four-wheel steering. The Legend might have been an old man’s car, but it was fairly bristling with gadgets. And then…it all went dark. Dull. Boring. The…

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Lamborghini Huracan Performante Cars Fast Cars First Drive special cars 

Huracan Performante: Best Lamborghini Ever Made

Lamborghini’s Huracan Performante might just be the best Lamborghini ever made. Huracan Performante I’ve driven a few Lamborghinis – the Aventador S and Huracan Spyder. All-wheel drive, V12, rear-wheel drive V10. Before The Redline there was the Huracan LP610-4 at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia and then on Australian roads. It’s a terrific car. Fun, silly, entertaining, emotional. And a naturally-aspirated V10. The Spyder I drove was fun because it was rear-wheel drive and I came away thinking that it was my favourite Huracan. And it was. Then the Performante…

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Hyundai i30 N N Option Cars 

Paris 2018: Hyundai i30 N N Option

Need a bit more Civic Type R drama in your Hyundai i30 N? Want a bit more AMG-style bling? Hyundai has you covered. As you’re probably aware, I was quite a fan of the i30 N. It’s a cracker of a car, literally in the case of the exhaust system. While I’m a big fan of its restrained approach to styling, not everybody is. Cars like this tend to attract the modder crowd so Hyundai’s N is going to offer a whole bunch of customisation options. N Option Exterior This…

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2019 BMW 3 Series M Performance Bits

We’ve got a new 3 Series on the way. For some reason it feels like forever since the last one came out, but anyway. This time around, BMW seems more prepared and has a lot of M Performance bits to part you with more of your cash straight away. English-speaking markets absolutely love their M Performance bits. Up until recently in Australia, the 330i M Sport was the 3 Series to have. Highest-selling individual model in the range. Amazing. Anyway, BMW obviously caught on to that and instead of waiting a…

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2019 BMW 3 Series Cars 

Paris 2018: 2019 BMW 3 Series

The G30 2019 BMW 3 Series is finally here. Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, it’s bigger, cleaner and packed with new technologies. And it’s the basis of several forthcoming performance cars. The seventh-generation 3 comes as the nameplate’s sales passed the 15 million mark. That’s a lot of Threes. Three times five million, in fact. In typically modest fashion, BMW says the new 3 Series “moves the game on once again in its segment in terms of driving dynamics, premium quality and innovation.” Right. We best have a look,…

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Hyundai i30 N Cars 

Hyundai i30 N – Hail to the New King

Hyundai’s i30 N came out of nowhere but landed to critical acclaim. It’s a muscular, fast, keenly-priced hot hatch. But is it the best? For so long if you wanted a hot hatch, you had some tough choices to make. We’re in a continuing Golden Age of the hot hatch, from Ford’s excellent Fiesta ST through to BMW’s brilliant M140i. They’re all good. There isn’t a dud among them, even the older ones. The sweet spot seems to be in the C-segment hot hatches. You can choose French, German and…

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Ferrari Portofino 2018 Review

The Ferrari Portofino is Maranello’s follow-up to the California T. Like rival Lamborghini’s Huracan, the Cali had some inane detractors who said it wasn’t a real Ferrari. The V8-powered California and then the California T were meant to open up new markets for the Prancing Horse. And the company was expecting a lot of women as well as new customers to buy into the Ferrari brand. Boom. Off went the nutcases. And they were all mostly wrong. California Dreams Rumour has it that the first modern California (it’s a name…

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BMW X2 M35i Cars 

2019 X2 M35i – Fast BMW compact SUV on the way

BMW’s X2 has the looks but not the go. Or does it? Those crazy Bavarians have finally dropped the go-faster version of the lifestyle compact SUV, the X2 M35i, and it should be rather fleet of foot… At first glance, the X2 looked like a dumb idea, but it has grown on me. I didn’t see the point of having the X1 and the X2. I drove the latter and the penny dropped. The X2 is the lifestyle choice, the pretty one. Given its sporty looks, you’d reasonably expect a bit…

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Lister LFP Cars 

Lister Claims World’s Fastest SUV

Hoo boy. British Jaguar tuner Lister reckons it has the world’s fastest SUV, based on the sleek Jaguar F-Type SVR. The LFP is the second new Lister this year after the LFT 666 (formerly Thunder) heralded Lister’s return. Lister says the LFT-666 is the fastest-selling car in Lister’s history, which is heartening. There’s nothing worse than cool car companies dying because they can’t flog their stuff. The LFP, as you can well see, is based on the Jaguar F-Pace. The press release only has the headline figures, but they’re worth…

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Focus ST-Line Cars 

2019 Ford Focus ST-Line Review

The fourth-generation Focus made its debut earlier in 2018 and Peter Anderson got to drive the new Focus ST-Line version on the Côte d’Azur. A new Focus is always a little bit exciting. From the day the first car hit the road, it was an entirely new approach for the Blue Oval. The Focus arrived around the time of the first Mondeo and the Ka, three massively important cars. Those cars still echo through to this very day, even if the Ka is now a pale imitation of its former…

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McLaren 540C Cars 

McLaren 540C Review – Why wouldn’t you?

I have a vague memory of the launch of the 540C. For some reason, I remember other motoring media being a bit condescending about it. The C stood for China, they claimed (the subtext being “nobody there can drive”), which seemed dumb to me because wealthy Chinese are quite happy to spend big bucks. Generally speaking, the Chinese market isn’t interested in “entry level” or cut-price supercars. Anyway, because I’m an idiot, I’d sort of resisted the idea of driving one. I don’t know why. I briefly drove it after…

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McLaren F1 GTR 25R Cars 

McLaren Announces F1 Certifie​d, GTR 25R Resto

F1 Certified. I mean, dammit, how long has this taken? We’ve all been there, sleeping peacefully. It was a fun day out on the superyacht, dinner on the beach of a gorgeous, uninhabited Mediterranean Island. It’s 2, maybe 3 am. You sit bolt upright in bed. Suddenly, you’re in a cold sweat. You flip open your laptop and access pictures of one of your prized automotive possessions. It’s your McLaren F1 road car. You stare at the images then throw your head back, looking to the starry heavens. You let…

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