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Huracan Performante: Best Lamborghini Ever Made

Lamborghini’s Huracan Performante might just be the best Lamborghini ever made. Huracan Performante I’ve driven a few Lamborghinis – the Aventador S and Huracan Spyder. All-wheel drive, V12, rear-wheel drive V10. Before The Redline there was the Huracan LP610-4 at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia and then on Australian roads. It’s a terrific car. Fun, silly, entertaining, emotional. And a naturally-aspirated V10. The Spyder I drove was fun because it was rear-wheel drive and I came away thinking that it was my favourite Huracan. And it was. Then the Performante…

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Hot Take: How not to concept car

Faraday Future’s FFZERO1. So someone is on stage taking the cover off their brand new, very shiny concept car. The room is full of “ohh” and “ahh”. There’s talk of what this car can do. Endless electric range. 0-100km/h in the blink of an eye. Drives itself to pick up the kids from school. Here’s the thing, though.  Most of it is nonsense. And it’s not how you should concept car. Cast your mind back to 2016. The very start of 2016, to be exact, and the Consumer Electronics Show in…

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Honda Civic Type R 2018 Cars 

Honda Civic Type R 2018

The Honda Civic Type R is back. I mean properly back in its pre-millenial completely mad, in-your-face hot hatch form. Honda used to be cool. I’m talking 1990s Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna duking it out cool. NSX, S2000, Prelude, Civic VTi-R – Hondas were prominent in Gran Turismo and for good reason. VTEC was a towering technological achievement. You could get Hondas with four-wheel steering. The Legend might have been an old man’s car, but it was fairly bristling with gadgets. And then…it all went dark. Dull. Boring. The…

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Daniel Ricciardo Cars 

Daniel Ricciardo Leaving Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo is leaving Red Bull. This is proper bombshell stuff, the sort of thing that can really only happen in Formula 1. It’s a bombshell because as late as last weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, word was he was staying put. After Hamilton re-signed at Mercedes and Kimi Raikkonen’s oft-predicted ousting never happened, his options were gone. Or so we thought. Looking back at the Hungarian Grand Prix, a couple of fascinating things happened. They’re fascinating because we should have sniffed something was up. Max Verstappen’s Renault V6 popped and…

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Ford Focus ST-Line Cars 

Links We Like: Ford Focus, VW Tiguan, Jaguar E-Pace

Links We Like is a roundup of the stuff I’ve been up to around the traps as well as other people I like. It has been a tad busy for me, what with a short holiday and then a quick trip for CarsGuide to France. So let’s get cracking on that, shall, we? Ford Australia invited us along to see the new Ford Focus a million years after everyone else saw it. Which is perfectly fine, because in Australia, we won’t see it until November. Anyway, if you’re not…

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Porsche 919 Nurburgring Cars 

Porsche 919 Nürburgring: Lap Time Shredded

The Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo has shredded the Nürburgring lap time set three decades ago by Stefan Bellof. I mean, seriously. This thing is so fast it barely registered with me, I thought it was fake news. But it sunk in that the lap record for the Ring is now firmly in the low five minute range. Porsche 919 Tribute Porsche’s 919 Hybrid Evo is currently on something of a victory lap of the planet, knocking off records as it goes. Following Porsche’s withdrawal from the World Endurance Championship’s LMP1…

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McLaren 600LT Cars Fast Cars 

McLaren 600LT: The Longtail Returns

McLaren 600LT brings back an evocative name, pumping up the 570S for a hard core drive. McLaren’s near-constant new model barrage continues with the 600LT. Tagged with “The Edge is calling“, the Woking team has amped up its core 570S, added some rear bodywork and, well, done a lot more besides. The Longtail name was last seen on the 675LT before its replacement by the properly psycho 720S and it’s a name that means something. The first McLaren LT, the F1 GTR is a true icon, so the company has…

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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Cars Fast Cars special cars 

DBS Superleggera – Aston Supercar Goes Superlight

Aston’s DBS Superleggera has dropped and it looks mighty. Aston Martin’s Vanquish S is gone but it’s okay, everyone – the DBS Superleggera is here. It’s been a while between drinks for the DBS name – it first made headlines in the late Sixties. The DB6 was getting on a bit and the William Towns-designed, straight-six powered S debuted as a fastback GT. A couple of years later the 5.3-litre V8 arrived with “the fastest four-seater in the world” tagline. The DBS name returned in 2007 and – get this…

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Fiat 500X Cars Normal Cars 

Links We Like: 500X, GLA45, Kona,

Links We Like is a weekly *cough* round-up of stuff I’ve written elsewhere as well as a few highlights of what’s going on around the traps. I drive lots of normal cars to help keep my feet on the ground and pay some bills. Over at carsguide I drove the Fiat 500X mini-SUV. I actually like, but I don’t know if it’s a very good car. I also drove the Mercedes-AMG GLA45. I didn’t much like the A45 AMG (it’s good, but I didn’t like it that much), so I…

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Aston Martin Rapide AMR Cars Fast Cars News 

Aston Martin Rapide AMR: Four Doors Fast

The Aston Martin Rapide AMR may well be the answer to a question nobody asked, but it’s here, it’s a V12 and it looks amazing. The Aston Martin Rapide is, let’s face it, getting old. It’s still gorgeous. It’s still one-of-a-kind and it’s the car I’d have if I needed one like it. Even though I’ve never driven it. Because it’s pretty and it’s fast and it’s an Aston Martin. Aston Martin Rapide The Rapide is an interesting thing. I actually wrote “old school” first, but it’s nothing of the…

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