Maserati Levante Trofeo Cars Fast Cars 

NY 2018: Ferrari Power For Maserati Levante Trofeo

If you fancy a Ferrari-engined SUV but can’t wait for the real thing, you’re in luck – the Maserati Levante Trofeo is just for you. Like the F-Pace SVR, we knew it was coming but had pretty much gotten used to the idea that it would be badged GTS. Maserati – those wily devils – instead came up with the Trofeo nameplate, possibly because the GTS badge didn’t do it justice? Maserati Levante Trofeo The Maser SUV has been kicking around for a couple of years now in diesel and…

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2018 Audi RS 5 Sportback Cars Fast Cars 

NY 2018: Audi RS5 Sportback – Your New Fast Family Funster

Ingolstadt’s New York Motor Show is off with a bang in the form of the new Audi RS5 Sportback. Can’t live with a coupe? Can’t afford the hilarious, twin-turbo V8 RS7 and don’t want an RS4? Or you want to go faster than than the S4 or S5? Or S7? I mean, it’s complicated, right? As always, Audi has the answer, predictably by adding further complication. Audi’s hitherto two door RS5 now has a distinctly family feel, with another two doors and a hatchback. Rather like…er…the S5 Sportback. And A5 Sportback.…

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F-Pace SVR Cars Fast Cars 

NY 2018: Jaguar F-Pace SVR

If you want a fast SUV, there’s a new contender – the Jaguar F-Pace SVR. Oh, we knew it was coming, but wow, here it is and it looks tough. F-Pace SVR From the minds that brought you the wonderful F-Type SVR – a firm favourite here at The Redline – comes an SVO-fettled F-Pace. The company is having a massive year, and just about all of it is pivoting around SUVs and not just Jags. We knew this was coming, but courtesy of the New York Motor Show, we’ve…

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BMW M2 Cars Fast Cars 

Second Opinion: BMW M140i vs M2

Steve Wakeford is a member of The Redline team and this is the first of his column, Second Opinion.  Now that the 1 Series M is no longer with us (a moment’s silence, please…thank you), BMW has decided that the recipe was worth repeating.  And that’s a good thing.  Actually, it’s a very good thing.  Not a lot more than an M140i gets you entry into the wonderful world of proper ‘M’ BMWs – and when you consider what else you can get for that sort of money, the M2…

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BMW M2 Cars Fast Cars 

Side-by-side: BMW M140i vs M2

I’ve been wanting to a M140i vs M2 comparison even since Munich’s riotous two-door joined the range a couple of years ago. The M2 is an absolute rocket and its ever-so-slight change in chassis philosophy made it a barrel of laughs the M4 never quite was. Until the M4 CS, of course. We’re still rubbing our hands in anticipation of the M3 CS.   M140i vs M2 The BMW M140i is a bit of an unsung hero in the range. Idiots sniff at it not being a “real M car”…

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Citroen C3 Cars 

Links We Like: Audi e-tron, GLC 250 and more

Welcome to Links We Like Volume Two. carsguide This week I’ve been driving some normal cars, not the least of which is the rather funky new Citroen C3 for You can read and watch what I thought about it at the Australian launch. Also at CG, I got myself in the driver’s seat of a Land Rovery Discovery Sport with the high-power 2.0 turbodiesel Ingenium. I’m also on the Carsguide podcast this week, just search for Carsguide in your podcast app. SUV Authority Prefer your SUVs with a more…

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RenaultSport Clio RS18 Cars 

RenaultSport Clio RS18 Released In Time For F1

The 2018 FIA Formula One Championship starts this weekend and to celebrate, we’ve got the RenaultSport Clio RS18 to talk about. Renault’s hot hatch pedigree is unmatched, with two absolute rockets on the books – the Clio and the Megane. You can say the same for its on-track success, with decades of Formula 1 experience behind them. And not just a few championships, either. Williams-Renault dominated the mid-90s with Viry Chatillon’s epic V10 engines and spawned the first Clio hottie, the Clio Williams. Clio RS18 The RS18 is the name…

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Not an Audi SQ2 Cars Fast Cars 

Audi SQ2 In The Q Queue

Ingolstadt’s MQB-based compact SUV has had the Audi Sport treatment – the result is the Audi SQ2 (not pictured. Sorry)   2018 means lots of Q-ing (I am not sorry for that pun, not one little bit) It’s a busy year for Audi’s Q-line of SUVs, with three ready to pop this year – the Q8, the long-overdue new Q3 and the SQ2. I know this will upset a lot of people – hello, lovely to have you along – but the Audi Q2 is quite a nice little car.…

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Jaguar I-Pace Cars 

Redline Links We Like

Links We Like is a new series we’ll do every week or so to highlight more of my writing outside of The Redline as well as from other sites that are worth a look. Most of these are normal cars that we actually buy, so there’s an added bonus of genuine consumer information. So, from me, there’s my review of the Holden Astra R+ at, a nice little car that actually handles pretty well. If you want to see some lunatic commenters, there’s my review of the Subaru…

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BMW M4 CS Cars Fast Cars First Drive Redline Review 

BMW M4 CS Review

The BMW M4 CS is exactly what the M4 needs to be. I need to take you on a little journey here. Just a short one, don’t worry. Some years ago, BMW released the M4, which replaced the M3, which itself was replaced by the sedan-only M3. The M4 replaced the V8 M3 Coupe which was a cracker of a car. High revving, naturally-aspirated and if you chose, a bit of luxury. And it looked amazing in the right colour and with the right wheels. There wasn’t a lot wrong…

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