BMW M8 Cars 

The BMW M8 is Your Fast Friend

In news surprising nobody, BMW has announced the go-really-fast version of the new 8 Series, the BMW M8. I’m certain BMW knows that sounds like “mate” so despite it being my patriotic duty to make fun of it, I’ll refrain. The 8 Series dripfeed continues apace, with the 8-Series Convertible announcement a couple of days ago and now the hot one. 2019 is a golden year for BMW sports cars already, with the Z4 about to hit the dealers. BMW’s excuse for the press release was to tell us, as…

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Mercedes Benz S350d Cars 

Mercedes Benz S350d – Strong Silent Type

Mercedes’ entry-level S-Class, the S350d, is up against some stiff competition from a new Audi A8 and always good BMW 7 Series. Mercedes’ S-Class was an unknown country for me. I was quite taken with the slabby 1990s W140. I loved that you could get it with a V12, I loved that it was so unashamedly big. The backlash when that car came out made me chuckle. And I roar laughing that everyone complained it weighed two tonnes. That’s normal now. A mid-size SUV can nudge two tonnes. I’d never…

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McLaren Speedtail Cars 

McLaren Speedtail Slipstreams the Iconic F1

British supercar maker has unveiled the long-awaited successor to the F1. With a petrol-electric hybrid power train developing over 1000 horsepower. McLaren F1 McLaren is calling the Speedtail the its first Hyper GT, signalling that it’s a little different to Gordon Murray’s 1992 creation. The F1 was an out and out hypercar, blasting to the 386.4km/h (243mph) but also focussing on driver involvement. The next car to hold the title of fastest production car was the Koenigsegg CCR, a boat of a thing that nobody remembers. I had to look…

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2019 Audi R8 Cars 

2019 Audi R8 Announced – Still A V10

After four years on sale, the second-generation Audi supercar is due for a facelift. The 2019 Audi R8 has more power, torque and a new face. 2019 Audi R8 Like the new face? I do. While I really, really like the R8, it is missing a little bit of drama in the looks. I have rationalised that away on occasions – some of us don’t want to shout about it. But I’m odd that way. The new face brings some supercar bravado to the table. A new bumper and grille…

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Mercedes AMG E63 Cars 

E63 AMG: Benz’s Belting Bruiser

The E63 AMG is the latest in AMG’s endless friendly rivalry with BMW’s M division. There have been fast, big German sedans for three decades now, each new generation upping the ante. BMW went mad once and threw a V10 at the M5, which was wonderful. In 2017, we got a new E63, based on the fourth-generation E Class, the W213. Bigger, louder, faster and packed with technology, can this E63 really, properly, truly, take the fight to BMW’s M5? E63 History I was never an E63 AMG fan. Nor…

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BMW X7 Cars 

The 2019 BMW X7 Is Huge

If you thought the Audi Q7 was a big bruiser, Munich has one-upped Ingolstadt with the 2019 BMW X7. The new X7, fitting in as it does above the brand-new X5, is an absolute monster of a car. Or is it? Let’s break it down in a table. Key to the X7’s presence is that giant grille. It looks like it should be straining krill from the ocean on its way to Antarctica. Autobahn runs will mean you’ll be picking livestock from that giant set of teeth. Given that we…

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Hyundai i30 N N Option Cars 

Paris 2018: Hyundai i30 N N Option

Need a bit more Civic Type R drama in your Hyundai i30 N? Want a bit more AMG-style bling? Hyundai has you covered. As you’re probably aware, I was quite a fan of the i30 N. It’s a cracker of a car, literally in the case of the exhaust system. While I’m a big fan of its restrained approach to styling, not everybody is. Cars like this tend to attract the modder crowd so Hyundai’s N is going to offer a whole bunch of customisation options. N Option Exterior This…

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2019 BMW 3 Series M Performance Bits

We’ve got a new 3 Series on the way. For some reason it feels like forever since the last one came out, but anyway. This time around, BMW seems more prepared and has a lot of M Performance bits to part you with more of your cash straight away. English-speaking markets absolutely love their M Performance bits. Up until recently in Australia, the 330i M Sport was the 3 Series to have. Highest-selling individual model in the range. Amazing. Anyway, BMW obviously caught on to that and instead of waiting a…

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2019 BMW 3 Series Cars 

Paris 2018: 2019 BMW 3 Series

The G20 2019 BMW 3 Series is finally here. Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, it’s bigger, cleaner and packed with new technologies. And it’s the basis of several forthcoming performance cars. The seventh-generation 3 comes as the nameplate’s sales passed the 15 million mark. That’s a lot of Threes. Three times five million, in fact. In typically modest fashion, BMW says the new 3 Series “moves the game on once again in its segment in terms of driving dynamics, premium quality and innovation.” Right. We best have a look,…

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Hyundai i30 N Cars 

Hyundai i30 N – Hail to the New King

Hyundai’s i30 N came out of nowhere but landed to critical acclaim. It’s a muscular, fast, keenly-priced hot hatch. But is it the best? For so long if you wanted a hot hatch, you had some tough choices to make. We’re in a continuing Golden Age of the hot hatch, from Ford’s excellent Fiesta ST through to BMW’s brilliant M140i. They’re all good. There isn’t a dud among them, even the older ones. The sweet spot seems to be in the C-segment hot hatches. You can choose French, German and…

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