2020 Civic Type R Limited Edition Cars 

Honda Civic Type-R Limited Edition Unveiled

The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition goes the lightweight and exclusive route to keep us interested. Out goes the sound-deadening and psss go your retinas. The Honda Civic Type-R is a car that needs no introduction. If it does, read this and watch the video. It’s a belter of a car with one small problem – it’s quite ugly. Honda is okay with that and it seems that they’re prepared to own it in the form the Civic Type-R Limited Edition. Because this just isn’t a lightweight special, not…

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Honda Civic Type R 2018 Cars 

2018 Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R is back. I mean properly back in its pre-millenial completely mad, in-your-face hot hatch form. Honda used to be cool. I’m talking 1990s Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna duking it out cool. NSX, S2000, Prelude, Civic VTi-R – Hondas were prominent in Gran Turismo and for good reason. VTEC was a towering technological achievement. You could get Hondas with four-wheel steering. The Legend might have been an old man’s car, but it was fairly bristling with gadgets. And then…it all went dark. Dull. Boring. The…

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Jaguar XF Sportbrake Cars Electric Normal Cars 

Links We Like: Jaguar XF, Honda HR-V and more

Every week I like to let you know what I’m writing about normal cars (just so you know it’s not all beer and skittles) as well as articles from around the web. So let’s get cracking. Carsguide.com.au Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake was a lovely thing and I spent a week with it. Only drama was a flat tyre. I suspect a passing miscreant stabbed the tyre with something very small and very sharp. I recently drove a Subaru Liberty¬†(aka Subaru Legacy elsewhere) for Carsguide. I liked the improvements to the drivetrain,…

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