Audi Q8 55 TFSI Cars 

Audi Q8 Australia Price and Spec

The Audi Q8 has arrived in Australia and we’ve got the price and specification right here. Available for delivery in January 2019, the first Q8s to arrive in Australia are the petrol 55 TFSI and diesel 50 TDI. The 55 kicks things off, priced from $128,900. Based on the Q7 and A8 platform, the Q8 is a big five-seat luxury-sporty SUV. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but it will make sense, especially if you read our full review. How much is an Audi Q8 and what do I get?…

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2019 Audi Q8 Cars 

2018 Audi Q8 First Drive: Video

The Audi Q8 is Ingolstadt’s X6/GLE Coupe rival is a big five-seat luxury SUV that only the Germans seem to get right. In a year where we’ll soon see the humungous BMW X7, the Q8 takes a different route. It’s shorter than the car it’s based on – the Q7 – but wider and centred on moving four or five people in style. Audi Q8 Interior What’s also neat is the interior. Like the new black glass dominated A7, the Q8 is even more impressive. Build quality is tighter than…

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