McLaren Speedtail Cars 

McLaren Speedtail Slipstreams the Iconic F1

British supercar maker has unveiled the long-awaited successor to the F1. With a petrol-electric hybrid power train developing over 1000 horsepower. McLaren F1 The F1’s three-seater interior McLaren is calling the Speedtail the its first Hyper GT, signalling that it’s a little different to Gordon Murray’s 1992 creation. The F1 was an out and out hypercar, blasting to the 386.4km/h (243mph) but also focussing on driver involvement. The next car to hold the title of fastest production car was the Koenigsegg CCR, a boat of a thing that nobody remembers.…

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McLaren 540C Cars 

McLaren 540C Review – Why wouldn’t you?

I have a vague memory of the launch of the 540C. For some reason, I remember other motoring media being a bit condescending about it. The C stood for China, they claimed (the subtext being “nobody there can drive”), which seemed dumb to me because wealthy Chinese are quite happy to spend big bucks. Generally speaking, the Chinese market isn’t interested in “entry level” or cut-price supercars. Anyway, because I’m an idiot, I’d sort of resisted the idea of driving one. I don’t know why. I briefly drove it after…

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McLaren F1 GTR 25R Cars 

McLaren Announces F1 Certifie​d, GTR 25R Resto

F1 Certified. I mean, dammit, how long has this taken? We’ve all been there, sleeping peacefully. It was a fun day out on the superyacht, dinner on the beach of a gorgeous, uninhabited Mediterranean Island. It’s 2, maybe 3 am. You sit bolt upright in bed. Suddenly, you’re in a cold sweat. You flip open your laptop and access pictures of one of your prized automotive possessions. It’s your McLaren F1 road car. You stare at the images then throw your head back, looking to the starry heavens. You let…

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McLaren 600LT Cars Fast Cars 

McLaren 600LT: The Longtail Returns

McLaren 600LT brings back an evocative name, pumping up the 570S for a hard core drive. McLaren’s near-constant new model barrage continues with the 600LT. Tagged with “The Edge is calling“, the Woking team has amped up its core 570S, added some rear bodywork and, well, done a lot more besides. The Longtail name was last seen on the 675LT before its replacement by the properly psycho 720S and it’s a name that means something. The first McLaren LT, the F1 GTR is a true icon, so the company has…

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McLaren 570S Cars Fast Cars Road Test 

McLaren 570S Review – The Best of British

The McLaren 570S is the British company’s answer to Germany and Italy’s finest. Watch and don’t forget to subscribe to The Redline on YouTube   The 570S is probably the first really McLaren car of the modern iteration of the company. Based on what the company learned from the MP4-12C, it took the good stuff and piled on more from the P1 and 650S. The result is something at once hugely surprising and completely unsurprising. History The McLaren Formula One team needs little on the way of introduction. Formed by…

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McLaren BP23 Cars Electric Fast Cars News 

McLaren BP23 “faster than the F1”

The next hypercar from Woking, the McLaren BP23, will definitely have three seats and will go even faster than the ground-breaking McLaren F1. McLaren BP23 Doing 340km/h probably seems unnecessary, but hey, trains do it, so why can’t cars? It’s been a long, long time since the brilliant, bucket-list F1 hit the roads. It was an epic car at a time when epic cars arrived with monotonous regularity. The BP23 is sort of in the same boat – McLaren’s own P1 is a hybrid-powered rocket, there’s the Senna and various wild…

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McLaren Senna GTR Concept Cars Fast Cars special cars 

Geneva 2018: McLaren Senna GTR Concept

Meet the Senna GTR, the car we didn’t think McLaren was going to build. Officially billed as a concept car, the GTR is a trackday special for those with deep pockets and a need for hyper speed. Senna GTR For a roadgoing track car, the Senna had no racing version. The heritage isn’t a problem of course – McLaren and Senna are two names that belong together. But Senna is about racing and the GTR follows in the tyre tracks of the mighty P1 GTR. Based on the road going…

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McLaren Senna Victory Grey Cars 

More McLaren Senna Info Announced

  The release of 2018 McLaren Senna, the British company’s latest Ultimate Series car, edges ever closer. And in the now-traditional  way of announcing new cars, we have more info from the drip-feed. The car, as we already know, will debut at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show in a few weeks but cars aren’t properly unveiled anymore, we get weeks of photos and information. Anyway, we already know that the Senna is completely sold out, the last one went to a charity auction  and raised a squillion dollars for…

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McLaren Senna Cars 

Ultimate Series McLaren Senna Unveiled

2018 McLaren Senna The 2018 McLaren Senna has been unveiled – with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, 800hp and 800Nm, it will be blindingly fast and earn its Ultimate Series tag. The McLaren Senna is the newest of the British car maker’s Ultimate Series, following on from the P1. Billed as a road-legal track car, it weighs a claimed 1198kg (dry weight), lighter than most small hatchbacks and a fair bit lighter than the P1 and the lightest McLaren since the F1. The production run will be limited to just 500…

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