Lotus Evija Unveiled – 2000 Electric Horses

New Lotus Evija electric supercar packs 2000PS and some startling performance figures. British sports car maker Lotus is on the move following its acquisition by Geely (who also own Volvo and Lynk&Co among others). The company has been drip-feeding this new car for a while but we’ve got a stack of images and the motherlode of information to get us going. First, the name. Pronounced E-vee-ya (Lotus rendered it ‘E-vi-yah)(I think mine is better), it means first in existence. As in Eve (Adam and Eve), the first woman. And, of…

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2018 Lotus Elise Cars Fast Cars 

2018 Lotus Elise Sprint 220

I’ve been wanting to drive a Lotus Elise pretty much my whole adult life. The Lotus Elise Story Few cars have been on sale for as long as the Lotus Elise. It’s incredibly rare for a car to remain fundamentally the same for two decades. Rarer still for it to remain competitive. But Lotus isn’t your average car company, never has been, probably never will be. Despite being owned by some pretty serious industrial giants. For a start, General Motors and Toyota shared ownership for a few months in the…

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Lotus 3-Eleven 430 Cars Fast Cars 

Lotus 3-Eleven 430 is the Fastest and Lastest

Lotus’ nutso 3-Eleven 430 is the last version of the road-going (in some countries) race car. The swansong 3-Eleven, limited to just 20 cars worldwide, will hold the crown as the fastest car around the company’s Hethel track. For at least six months, anyway. Whatever comes next will surely obliterate it. 3-Eleven 430 The 430 in the name obviously comes from the power figure – 430PS from the Toyota-sourced 3.5-litre Edelbrock-superchaged V6. 0-100km/h (0-62mph) passes in just 3.1 seconds for the 920kg carbon and aluminium monster. The kerb weight is…

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Lotus Esprit Cars 

Lotus 2020: Two New Cars

The Lotus 2020 plan is out. Again. The message from Jean-Marc Gales, Lotus CEO: Two new cars by 2020. And guess what? There’ll be an SUV as well. Some months after Chinese car company and Volvo owner Geely bought Lotus from Proton, Lotus’ future plans are out in the open. Well, a bit. Lotus 2020: Two New Cars Lotus made its name with sports cars, so by 2020 we’ll have two new cars. The first will replace either the Evora or Exige. The Evora runs on the newest of Lotus’…

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Lotus Evora 400 Cars 

Lotus Evora 400 Review – The Forgotten Supercar

The Lotus Evora 400: The Forgotten Supercar The Lotus Evora is the forgotten supercar. Launched in 2008 and on sale since 2010, it’s a car that has been critically-acclaimed everywhere it goes. Thing is, that’s not enough in the performance car realm. With Audi, BMW and Mercedes expanding their ranges and sales of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches going mental, you can’t trade on F1 glories from Seventies. It also has to battle badge snobbery and not just the one on the nose. Every Lotus for the last thirty-odd years has…

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