Hyundai i30 N N Option Cars 

Paris 2018: Hyundai i30 N N Option

Need a bit more Civic Type R drama in your Hyundai i30 N? Want a bit more AMG-style bling? Hyundai has you covered. As you’re probably aware, I was quite a fan of the i30 N. It’s a cracker of a car, literally in the case of the exhaust system. While I’m a big fan of its restrained approach to styling, not everybody is. Cars like this tend to attract the modder crowd so Hyundai’s N is going to offer a whole bunch of customisation options. N Option Exterior This…

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Hyundai i30 N Cars 

Hyundai i30 N – Hail to the New King

Hyundai’s i30 N came out of nowhere but landed to critical acclaim. It’s a muscular, fast, keenly-priced hot hatch. But is it the best? For so long if you wanted a hot hatch, you had some tough choices to make. We’re in a continuing Golden Age of the hot hatch, from Ford’s excellent Fiesta ST through to BMW’s brilliant M140i. They’re all good. There isn’t a dud among them, even the older ones. The sweet spot seems to be in the C-segment hot hatches. You can choose French, German and…

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