2019 BMW 3 Series M Performance Bits

We’ve got a new 3 Series on the way. For some reason it feels like forever since the last one came out, but anyway. This time around, BMW seems more prepared and has a lot of M Performance bits to part you with more of your cash straight away. English-speaking markets absolutely love their M Performance bits. Up until recently in Australia, the 330i M Sport was the 3 Series to have. Highest-selling individual model in the range. Amazing. Anyway, BMW obviously caught on to that and instead of waiting a…

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2019 BMW 3 Series Cars 

Paris 2018: 2019 BMW 3 Series

The G20 2019 BMW 3 Series is finally here. Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, it’s bigger, cleaner and packed with new technologies. And it’s the basis of several forthcoming performance cars. The seventh-generation 3 comes as the nameplate’s sales passed the 15 million mark. That’s a lot of Threes. Three times five million, in fact. In typically modest fashion, BMW says the new 3 Series “moves the game on once again in its segment in terms of driving dynamics, premium quality and innovation.” Right. We best have a look,…

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