BMW X7 and X5 Go V8

BMW’s big SAVs (their acronym, not mine) aren’t slow, particularly the ones we get in Australia – we don’t mess about with the slow ones. I drove an M50d for carsguide at the X5’s launch and I thought, “Yeah, this will do.” Well, clearly, it hasn’t done for some people. So BMW has dropped the twin-turbo V8 from the M850i M Performance flagship into the X5. And, as it turns out, the X7. Both are obviously fully-loaded, so pretty much the only thing these cars are missing is a time-travel…

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BMW X7 Cars 

The 2019 BMW X7 Is Huge

If you thought the Audi Q7 was a big bruiser, Munich has one-upped Ingolstadt with the 2019 BMW X7. The new X7, fitting in as it does above the brand-new X5, is an absolute monster of a car. Or is it? Let’s break it down in a table. Key to the X7’s presence is that giant grille. It looks like it should be straining krill from the ocean on its way to Antarctica. Autobahn runs will mean you’ll be picking livestock from that giant set of teeth. Given that we…

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