Audi PB18 e-tron Cars 

Audi PB18 – Light Electric Supercar

The Audi PB18 was unveiled yesterday at the annual poshfest at Pebble Beach.  Ingolstadts’s commitment to electric cars continues with a very pretty – and working – electric supercar concept. Despite almost nobody buying the R8 e-tron, Audi persists. And thank goodness for that. Much like the Infiniti Prototype 10, the PB18 is a monoposto single-seater, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. For a start the PB18 has a roof. Looking at it, you can clearly see the design elements pinched from the limited edition Aicon as well as the…

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Infiniti Prototype 10 Cars 

Infiniti Prototype 10 Unveiled

The Infiniti Prototype 10 is the Japanese luxury maker’s Monterey show car. And, let’s be honest, it’s a cry for attention. Infiniti has struggled for the sort of success of compatriot Lexus, so the company has gone big. The Prototype 10 is quite interesting. The Prototype 10  will grab some headlines because it’s quite striking. And kind of irrelevant – there is absolutely no way this car is going anywhere near a production line. What is the Infiniti Prototype 10? Following on from the Prototype 9, Protoype 10 is an…

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BMW Z4 M40i First Edition Cars 

2019 BMW Z4 – Finally

BMW’s 2019 BMW Z4 is finally here in production form after a seemingly endless gestation. Co-developed with unlikely partner Toyota, the new Z4 replaces the gasping – or more accurately, dead – E89. Yeah. Remember when BMW was still in the Es? They’re now well into the Gs. The first cab(riolet) off the rank is the Z4 M40i First Edition. It’s an interesting start, an M Performance model. Then again, we’ve been waiting so damn long, it’s nice the wait is over. BMW chose to unveil the Z4 Concept last…

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