McLaren 720S 2019 Review: Mild and Wild

It’s no secret that I don’t mind Woking’s machines, particularly the McLaren 720S . I’ve driven (almost) everything but the Ultimate Series cars and being stuck here in the back-end of nowhere in Australia makes that difficult. That’s okay – you can’t have everything. I first drove a 720S in July 2017 – McLaren very kindly whisked me to the Goodwood Festival of Speed via the Woking factory. Straight off the plane, into a bus, quick tour of the McLaren Technology Centre and boom, into a 720S. Left-hand drive. Pre-production.…

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McLaren 720S Spider Cars 

The McLaren 720S Spider Is Here

McLaren’s 720S Spider has arrived as sure as convertible follows mid-life crisis. We’ve got the new machine  (un)covered. This was always going to happen but we’re pleased it’s here all the same. I am on record as not being a huge fan of convertibles, but the McLaren Monocage II set me straight in the 570S. Here in the 720S you get a motorised hardtop that folds itself neatly away under the rear deck in double-quick time. Apart from that, everything is exactly the same. Well, obviously it isn’t. That would…

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McLaren Speedtail Cars 

McLaren Speedtail Slipstreams the Iconic F1

British supercar maker has unveiled the long-awaited successor to the F1. With a petrol-electric hybrid power train developing over 1000 horsepower. McLaren F1 McLaren is calling the Speedtail the its first Hyper GT, signalling that it’s a little different to Gordon Murray’s 1992 creation. The F1 was an out and out hypercar, blasting to the 386.4km/h (243mph) but also focussing on driver involvement. The next car to hold the title of fastest production car was the Koenigsegg CCR, a boat of a thing that nobody remembers. I had to look…

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McLaren 540C Cars 

McLaren 540C Review – Why wouldn’t you?

I have a vague memory of the launch of the 540C. For some reason, I remember other motoring media being a bit condescending about it. The C stood for China, they claimed (the subtext being “nobody there can drive”), which seemed dumb to me because wealthy Chinese are quite happy to spend big bucks. Generally speaking, the Chinese market isn’t interested in “entry level” or cut-price supercars. Anyway, because I’m an idiot, I’d sort of resisted the idea of driving one. I don’t know why. I briefly drove it after…

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McLaren F1 GTR 25R Cars 

McLaren Announces F1 Certifie​d, GTR 25R Resto

F1 Certified. I mean, dammit, how long has this taken? We’ve all been there, sleeping peacefully. It was a fun day out on the superyacht, dinner on the beach of a gorgeous, uninhabited Mediterranean Island. It’s 2, maybe 3 am. You sit bolt upright in bed. Suddenly, you’re in a cold sweat. You flip open your laptop and access pictures of one of your prized automotive possessions. It’s your McLaren F1 road car. You stare at the images then throw your head back, looking to the starry heavens. You let…

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