McLaren F1 Chassis 63 is unobtainable and beautiful

The owner of McLaren F1 chassis #63 handed it over to McLaren Special Operations and pretty much gave them an unlimited budget. This is the result. I have a proper car crush on the McLaren F1, as regular readers will be well aware. I nearly cried when my wife didn’t properly secure my copy of Driven Ambition and rain ruined the dust jacket. I’m too old for that and almost entirely unsentimental. I have such a crush on this car I bought an E60 BMW M5 because the S85 V10…

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McLaren F1 GTR 25R Cars 

McLaren Announces F1 Certifie​d, GTR 25R Resto

F1 Certified. I mean, dammit, how long has this taken? We’ve all been there, sleeping peacefully. It was a fun day out on the superyacht, dinner on the beach of a gorgeous, uninhabited Mediterranean Island. It’s 2, maybe 3 am. You sit bolt upright in bed. Suddenly, you’re in a cold sweat. You flip open your laptop and access pictures of one of your prized automotive possessions. It’s your McLaren F1 road car. You stare at the images then throw your head back, looking to the starry heavens. You let…

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