BMW M8 Competition: It’s On

Another day, another new BMW, this time it’s the M8, which we reported on a few months ago. I know the site is starting to feel a bit like a BMW fan channel, but hey, I don’t schedule the product releases… The M8 is BMW’s performance flagship and the numbers are truly astonishing. We already know the M850i is a dead-set rocket, so the M8 should be an absolute missile. Look and Feel While we’ve seen the M8 GTE out and about on racetracks of the past 18 months or…

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BMW M8 Cars 

The BMW M8 is Your Fast Friend

In news surprising nobody, BMW has announced the go-really-fast version of the new 8 Series, the BMW M8. I’m certain BMW knows that sounds like “mate” so despite it being my patriotic duty to make fun of it, I’ll refrain. The 8 Series dripfeed continues apace, with the 8-Series Convertible announcement a couple of days ago and now the hot one. 2019 is a golden year for BMW sports cars already, with the Z4 about to hit the dealers. BMW’s excuse for the press release was to tell us, as…

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