BMW M5 2019 Cars 

BMW M5 2019 Review: Where did it all go wrong?

The BMW M5 is one of those cars with a fierce fan following. Since the internet declared the E39 “seminal”, everything M does is wrong. V10? Wrong. SMG? Wrong (okay, it sort of was, but stay with me). Turbo? Wrong. Cardinal sin, in fact. M-DCT? Completely wrong. It seemed the only thing fans didn’t cry foul over was the fact it had a differential of some sort. And always had the right number of wheels. Here’s the real deal – every M5 has been demonstrably better than the one before.…

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Mercedes Benz S350d Cars 

Mercedes Benz S350d – Strong Silent Type

Mercedes’ entry-level S-Class, the S350d, is up against some stiff competition from a new Audi A8 and always good BMW 7 Series. Mercedes’ S-Class was an unknown country for me. I was quite taken with the slabby 1990s W140. I loved that you could get it with a V12, I loved that it was so unashamedly big. The backlash when that car came out made me chuckle. And I roar laughing that everyone complained it weighed two tonnes. That’s normal now. A mid-size SUV can nudge two tonnes. I’d never…

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Mercedes AMG E63 Cars 

E63 AMG: Benz’s Belting Bruiser

The E63 AMG is the latest in AMG’s endless friendly rivalry with BMW’s M division. There have been fast, big German sedans for three decades now, each new generation upping the ante. BMW went mad once and threw a V10 at the M5, which was wonderful. In 2017, we got a new E63, based on the fourth-generation E Class, the W213. Bigger, louder, faster and packed with technology, can this E63 really, properly, truly, take the fight to BMW’s M5? E63 History I was never an E63 AMG fan. Nor…

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