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New Electric Jaguar I-Pace is Fast and Cool

Here’s a thing – the new Jaguar I-Pace is fast. Like really fast. And I reckon Tesla should watch out because not only will the I-Pace see off a Model X 100D, it looks better and is bound to be built better. Rolling down the line at Austria’s Magna-Steyr – alongside E-Pace – the I is Jaguar’s game-changer.   Jaguar I-Pace The I-Pace feels like it has been a long time coming, but it’s hugely important. It’s not just important to Jaguar, but to the whole industry. It’s the first…

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Frankfurt 2017: Jaguar Announces I-PACE eTrophy

Jaguar Announces I-PACE eTrophy The all-electric I-Pace hasn’t hit the roads yet, but already Jaguar has announced the i-Pace eTrophy. Slightly cringeworthy name aside, the racing series will support Formula E races. The British brand was the first to get themselves a place in the electric open-wheeler series which is growing in popularity. What’s an I-Pace? SUVs aren’t really The Redline’s thing, so it’s worth having a quick trip down Jaguar’s high-riding product line. The company’s first SUV was the F-Pace, which went completely ballistic, selling over 80,000 units in…

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