Jaguar D-Type Cars 

The Jaguar D-Type Returns

The Jaguar D-Type Returns Hot on the heels of the “new” E-Types and Land Rover Defender Works V8, the British company is once again putting an old-stager back into production – the D-Type. If you missed the oddball Grand Tour episode which pitted the D-Type against, of all things, a Civic Type R, this is news. But there’s more to it than Clarkson and company’s quick summary of the situation. The planned production run for the D-Type was 100 cars but production came to a halt at 75. This new run…

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BMW E34 M5 Cars 

BMW Australia Bought An E34 M5

Okay, yes, that’s a weird headline and it does feel a little like BMW M5 day here at The Redline given this morning’s M5 drifting-related news. But I quite liked this story for two reasons. I like BMW M5s I like Heritage Fleets Heritage fleets aren’t anything new. I was lucky enough to visit the Ford Heritage Collection in January 2017 and oh my giddy aunt, I thought I was going to pass out I had so much fun. The Ford fleet is packed full of goodies, right from the Model…

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