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BMW M2 Competition 2019 Review

As if the BMW M2 wasn’t wild enough, BMW wanted to give its second stage of life a bit more pep. More power, more torque and more fun. By far our most popular video in 2018 was the BMW M140i vs M2. They’re both amazing cars but for me, if I had the money, I’d choose the M2. It was a tougher choice than, I thought, though. I’d genuinely have both at the same time. BMW must have seen that video, because not long after, Munich confirmed the M2 Competition.…

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BMW M2 Competition Cars Fast Cars 

BMW M2 Competition: Munich’s twin turbo tacker

BMW’s M2 Competition is here and it’s probably more than we could hope for. BMW M2 Competition No sooner had BMW’s rip-snorting M2 hit the roads we wondered what it would be like if it was closer to the M4 spec. As the bigger M3/M4 reaches the end of its life, BMW faces a bit of a hole in the go-fast line-up. Whenever a new 3 launches, the variants take a while to trickle through, the Ms coming close to last. So, as the M4 and M3 CS takes the…

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BMW M2 Cars Fast Cars 

Side-by-side: BMW M140i vs M2

I’ve been wanting to a M140i vs M2 comparison even since Munich’s riotous two-door joined the range a couple of years ago. The M2 is an absolute rocket and its ever-so-slight change in chassis philosophy made it a barrel of laughs the M4 never quite was. Until the M4 CS, of course. We’re still rubbing our hands in anticipation of the M3 CS. M140i vs M2 The BMW M140i is a bit of an unsung hero in the range. Idiots sniff at it not being a “real M car” –…

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