McLaren 720S 2019 Review: Mild and Wild

It’s no secret that I don’t mind Woking’s machines, particularly the McLaren 720S . I’ve driven (almost) everything but the Ultimate Series cars and being stuck here in the back-end of nowhere in Australia makes that difficult. That’s okay – you can’t have everything. I first drove a 720S in July 2017 – McLaren very kindly whisked me to the Goodwood Festival of Speed via the Woking factory. Straight off the plane, into a bus, quick tour of the McLaren Technology Centre and boom, into a 720S. Left-hand drive. Pre-production.…

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McLaren 720S Spider Cars 

The McLaren 720S Spider Is Here

McLaren’s 720S Spider has arrived as sure as convertible follows mid-life crisis. We’ve got the new machine  (un)covered. This was always going to happen but we’re pleased it’s here all the same. I am on record as not being a huge fan of convertibles, but the McLaren Monocage II set me straight in the 570S. Here in the 720S you get a motorised hardtop that folds itself neatly away under the rear deck in double-quick time. Apart from that, everything is exactly the same. Well, obviously it isn’t. That would…

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