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The New BMW X4 Has Two M Versions: the X4 M40i and M40d

The BMW X4 is about to metamorphose into its second generation and like its family-focussed X3 brother, there’s an X4 M40i and M40d on the way.

BMW has released the “all-new” X4 which often means a new set of lights and extra equipment. Not this time, it really is substantially new. It’s lighter, has a lower centre of gravity and now has two performance variants.

The new X4 shares much of its front end of the X3 but goes all swoopy out back, mirroring the relationship between the X5 and the mad-looking X6. The new posterior is more attractive than the old one, partly because the number plate has been pushed south into the bumper moulding. Much better and with more than a hint of the lovely new M8.

BMW X4 M40i and M40d

BMW X4 M40i

We’re obviously most keen on the M40i and M40d.

In the M40i, BMW’s brilliant 3.0-litre straight-six turbo hides under the high bonnet, spinning out 265kW (355bhp) and 500Nm. Obviously that’s not going to hang around, cracking 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in just 4.8 seconds.

Opt for the diesel, and for a bit of extra weight you’ll lose just 25kW but get way more torque. The 3.0-litre diesel straight-six pumping out 240kW (329bhp) and a very satisfactory 680Nm. It drops just a tenth to the petrol in the benchmark dash, so the decision will come down to how much you like revs.

Both versions have an M-focussed all-wheel drive system with always-brilliant eight-speed ZF automatic, 20-inch wheels (21s are an option), plenty of interior goodies and scope to add an easy fifty percent to the entry priceAnd, of course, if you like the look of the X4 but can’t quite stretch to the M don’t worry. There’s plenty of other lower-powered versions with a little box marked “M Sport Package”. If you can’t have an M40, at least you can make it at least look like one.

Here’s a video with some exciting, desert-bound thrashing of the new cars. Below that there’s a gallery of new X4 images.


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