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Geneva 2018: Range Rover SV Coupe

The Range Rover SV Coupe is a two door, supercharged V8 luxury SUV coupe. Okay.

Range Rover SV Coupe

Range Rover SV Coupe

Jaguar Land Rover had made a habit of limited edition stuff in the last couple of years. And, as if jealous of its little cousin getting all the attention, Range Rover dropped the SV Coupe.

Land Rover’s excuse is that it has been “nearly” fifty years since the first Range Rover defined the luxury SUV. So to celebrate, 999 supercharged V8 SV Coupes will be offered for sale. In the UK, you can expect to pay north of £250,000 (or nearly US$350,000). Some countries, such as Australia, are asking buyers to fill in an expression of interest.

The SV will be made by JLR’s SVO division, who are extremely busy at the moment making D-Types, Land Rover Defender Works and sending cars up stairs.

Engine and oily bits

Range Rover SV Coupe

Under the bonnet is JLR’s famous 5.0-litre V8 with an Eaton supercharger. Power from the V8 is 416kW (566PS) and torque an earth-moving 700Nm. The eight-speed ZF auto pushes power to all four wheels. Given all the interior loveliness, the car must be around two tonnes and will hit 100km/h (62mph) in 5.3 seconds. If I know that engine, they’ll be five fabulously loud and obnoxious seconds.

Like any other Range Rover you can take it off-road with a choice of modes. And wade in up to 90cm of water. Good luck getting those gorgeous 23-inch wheels out without a scratch, though.

You can even tow..say…a house…with its up-to 3500kg towing capacity.


Range Rover SV Coupe Interior

While the exterior might be a sexy, lengthy coupe, inside is room for four passengers. While you might have to climb into the back through those looong doors, there is tons of room.

SVO wrapped the interior in expensive leather (there are four “duo-tone” colour schemes) and looks amazing. I’m a sucker for diamond-stitching.

Digital screens abound up-front. Two 10.0-inch units one for the control panel and one for the media system. A third 12.0-inch panel takes care of the instrument pack.

The SV Coupe is quite a different take on the modern SUV, a bit like its Velar sister. What do you think?

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