Alfa Romeo 8C Cars Electric Fast Cars 

New Alfa 8C and GTV Coming Soon

Alfa Romeo’s decade of indecision is a distant memory with a new Alfa 8C and GTV on the way. Sergio Marchionne, on his way to retirement as head of the gigantic Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group, laid out is five year plan on Friday. Electrification is top of the agenda, along with new cars from Maserati, Jeep and electrified Fiat 500s and Pandas. Diesel is on its deathbed at FCA and I’m not mourning it. Along with the startling shift to all-electric for the Alfieri (replacing the GranTurismo), Alfa Romeo is…

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Maserati Alfieri Cars Electric Fast Cars 

The Maserati Alfieri is Electrifying – Guaranteed

You read that dodgy joke right – the next Maserati coupe, the Alfieri, is going electric. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ outgoing boss, Sergio Marchionne spent Friday telling the world about his five-year plan that someone else has to deliver. He’s off to terrorise his grandkids if they don’t win every three-legged race. Maserati’s sales increase increase since 2011 – 700 percent! – is funding two new models to join the Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte. That means the Alfieri (finally) and a new mid-size SUV to take on the Q5/X3/GLC-sized segment. The…

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Jaguar XF Sportbrake Cars Electric Normal Cars 

Links We Like: Jaguar XF, Honda HR-V and more

Every week I like to let you know what I’m writing about normal cars (just so you know it’s not all beer and skittles) as well as articles from around the web. So let’s get cracking. Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake was a lovely thing and I spent a week with it. Only drama was a flat tyre. I suspect a passing miscreant stabbed the tyre with something very small and very sharp. I recently drove a Subaru Liberty (aka Subaru Legacy elsewhere) for Carsguide. I liked the improvements to the drivetrain,…

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McLaren BP23 Cars Electric Fast Cars News 

McLaren BP23 “faster than the F1”

The next hypercar from Woking, the McLaren BP23, will definitely have three seats and will go even faster than the ground-breaking McLaren F1. McLaren BP23 Doing 340km/h probably seems unnecessary, but hey, trains do it, so why can’t cars? It’s been a long, long time since the brilliant, bucket-list F1 hit the roads. It was an epic car at a time when epic cars arrived with monotonous regularity. The BP23 is sort of in the same boat – McLaren’s own P1 is a hybrid-powered rocket, there’s the Senna and various wild…

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Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Cars Electric Fast Cars 

Geneva 2018: Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

A brand not exactly famous for its sense of humour, Porsche sprung a surprise at Geneva with the Mission E Cross Turismo. Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Mission E is Porsche’s current naming scheme for its all-electric car due to kick-off in 2019. For the 2018 Geneva Show, Porsche has dropped an en-vogue SUV, but given it a new name – the cross utility vehicle. I guess SUVs do make some people cross (I am not sorry). The Cross Turismo (“I’d be cranky too…”) is heavily-based on the Mission E’s…

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Polestar 1 Cars Electric Fast Cars 

Geneva 2018: Volvo’s Polestar 1 is Go

Volvo’s go-faster division has unveiled its Polestar 1 at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. It’s not just a new sports car form Volvo, it marks the debut of a new ownership experience. But first, the good stuff. Volvo calls the Polestar 1 an electric performance hybrid (EPH). Between the 2.0-litre turbo four and an electric motor, the 1 has 441kW (600hp) and a whopping 1000Nm. The two electric motors produce 160kW (218hp) and drive the rear wheels. The turbo four looks after the front wheels and supplies juice for…

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Jaguar I-Pace Cars Electric Fast Cars 

New Electric Jaguar I-Pace is Fast and Cool

Here’s a thing – the new Jaguar I-Pace is fast. Like really fast. And I reckon Tesla should watch out because not only will the I-Pace see off a Model X 100D, it looks better and is bound to be built better. Rolling down the line at Austria’s Magna-Steyr – alongside E-Pace – the I is Jaguar’s game-changer.   Jaguar I-Pace The I-Pace feels like it has been a long time coming, but it’s hugely important. It’s not just important to Jaguar, but to the whole industry. It’s the first…

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Range Rover Dragon Challenge Cars Electric 

Range Rover PHEV Climbs Some Stairs

In what appears to be an act of automotive parkour, the new Range Rover PHEV has climbed to China’s Dragon’s Road and then on to Heaven’s Gate. All 99 turns and 999 steps including a 45-degree incline to get there. That’s…well, it’s slightly nuts. But you can’t have stunts without nuts and a couple of extra letters. Stunts also need good drivers, or, failing that a driver with a local connection. Ho-Pin Tung is a good driver and has a local connection – he had the chops to be a…

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