BMW’s SocMed People are Smart-Arses

BMW’s ad people are smart-arses. I mean that in a good way. With the retirement of industry giant Mercedes’ CEO and man-with-epic-moustache Dieter Zetsche, BMW took the opportunity to say goodbye.

There’s a peculiarly German thing where companies can find it in their cold, dark hearts to be gracious to one another. When Mercedes left the DTM, BMW and Audi seemed almost sad to see them go. When Audi left the WEC, Porsche seemed to be hanging on to their legs like a crying child. Although they went with them, so…

Anyway. Mercedes’ CEO Dieter Zetsche is taking his tache into a very comfortable retirement, complete with a €1m+ per year pension on top of goodness knows how much in stock options and various investments over the years. He won’t go hungry.

BMW certainly thinks so, because it has made this very amusing ad riffing on DZ’s departure. Stay to th end, it’s well worth it.

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