Halo, Halo Cars 

Hot Take: Halo Hides F1’s Bigger Problem

While the people who wish F1 killed as many people as it did in the 60s rage over the introduction of the halo, F1 actually has a real problem it needs to address. At last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc got very, very lucky. Assisted by Renault’s Nico RosbergHulkenberg, Fernando Alonso’s McLaren found itself airborne and careening over the top of Le Clerc’s Sauber at the La Source hairpin moments after the start of the race. LeClerc’s halo – a newly-mandated for 2018 safety device that sits above the…

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Hot Take: How not to concept car

So someone is on stage taking the cover off their brand new, very shiny concept car. The room is full of “ohh” and “ahh”. There’s talk of what this car can do. Endless electric range. 0-100km/h in the blink of an eye. Drives itself to pick up the kids from school. Here’s the thing, though.  Most of it is nonsense. And it’s not how you should concept car. Cast your mind back to 2016. The very start of 2016, to be exact, and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. You…

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