Audi RS7 Review Video

The Redline’s Audi RS7 review video has been a long time coming. Sorry about that. Been a bit busy. No, you are.

Audi RS7 Review

The Audi RS7 is an absolute animal. Twin-turbo V8 with stonking power and torque figures, driven through a ZF eight-speed automatic and a rear-biased Quattro all-wheel drive system.

The one we drove – around Australia’s Philip Island racetrack and the streets of Sydney – not only had that awesome matte grey paint job but it also had the incredible carbon-ceramic brake discs. Coupled with the sharp set of threads and those amazing 20-inch wheels, it’s still a sleeper. Nobody knows what it is until they hear that V8 roar and bark and see those LED taillights disappear down the road.

The TFSI engine pumps out a mighty 412kW (560PS/564bhp) and 700Nm/516lb ft of torque. Let that sink in. And in the sportiest mode hisses and spits like a Lamborghini Huracan. It’s an unforgettable, addictive experience just to accelerate in a straight line, let alone find a set of corners through which you can have a tremendous amount of fun.

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